Easy Spanish Online relies on the total immersion method because it’s highly effective. The conversational style immerses you in the new language. Guatemalan tutors are native speakers. They will drive you on the practical grammar and vocabulary for real-life situations. The teaching method is interactive, productive, fun, and learner-centered.

Method Highlights

Fully individual: One teacher, one student. Teacher and student form a team so the student’s needs and questions receive the highest priority. Tutors engage the students in real world situations besides teachers correct in the right timing.

The teacher is the facilitator. Teachers’ role is to use their experience and techniques in order to develop the student’s skills. Students may feel free to suggest the direction of their learning.

Students develop communication skills in disciplined, structured and supervised classes. The student receives an individual plan with specific objectives. The teacher supervises the student’s progress at every moment. The teacher corrects homework everyday and finally explains any difficulties.

Students learn the tools of the language: grammar, phonology and semantics. Grammar is developed through practice in the conversation in contrast to the static memorization. Students develop the full range of linguistic abilities: to read, write, listen and speak.

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