Group Classes: a good way to improve your spanish

Group spanish classes

Learning Spanish can be exciting but at the same time it can be intimidating. Some people may prefer to take individual lessons because they are more intensive and personalized. Others may choose to participate in a small group to learn from others and gain more confidence. Both posisions are acceptable and both can produce good results.

Another element to take into account is the economic cost of the course Obviously a personalized course will cost a little more than a group course.

That is why in our academy we are promoting group courses alongside traditional individual courses.

Group courses have the following characteristics:

  • Group of no more than 5 participants.
  • Groups organized according to the level of fluency and understanding.
  • Classes focused on practice and conversation.
If you are seeking to gain the best from both worlds, one thing you could do is take the group course but supplement it with private hours.
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Group Classes: a good way to improve your spanish

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